Issuing Banks are ready to issue Chip and PIN based credit cards! Are you Ready to Accept? Ready or not, here they come!

  • Accepts all payment types.
  • Contactless payment capabilities.
  • Ready for EMV chip cards.
  • Compact hand-over design.
Robust Payment Features
Supported Payment Types
Credit, PIN debit, electronic gift card and electronic benefits transfer (EBT)
Contactless Payments
Contactless capabilities provide customers a convenient way to pay with chip cards, key fobs or mobile wallets downloaded
No Signature Option Available
Supports no signature option for qualifying transactions
Next-Generation Advanced Security
Secure Pin Transactions
Supports state-of-the-art security for PIN-based debit transactions
Software Authentication
Secure software authentication prevents unauthorized software applications from being downloaded
Future Chip Card
Ready for the future of EMV chip card technology
Simple to Use & Flexible
Good Customer Experience
Ergonomic “hand-over” design allows for easy customer input
Automatic Updates
Automated download feature keeps your payment application up to date with the latest enhancements downloaded
Fast Processing
Features IP connectivity for speedy transaction processing, with Dial as an alternative